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SPANISH WINES Spain is the third largest wine-producing nation, behind Italy and France. There are over 600 native grape varieties planted throughout the country but 80% of wine production is done using only 20 types of grapes.

The most widely planted grape is the white wine grape Airén, prized for its hardiness and resistance to drop. Found throughout central Spain, it served as the base for Spanish brandy for a good number of years. The red wine grape Tempranillo is the second most widely planted variety. Wine made from Tempranillo grapes turn out a ruby red colour with very intensive fruit flavours and a balanced alcohol-to-acid ratio.

Spanish wines are labelled according to the amount of aging they have undergone, with the three most common aging designations being the Crianza (reds aged two years with at least six months in oak, whites and rosé aged one year with at least six months in oak), Reserva (reds aged three years with at least one year in oak, whites and rosé aged at least two years with at least six months in oak) and Gran Reserva (reds aged at least five years with 18 months in oak, whites and rosé aged at least four years with six months in oak).

Other well-known Spanish wine products are the Sherry and Cava. Sherry is a fortified wine produced in Southern Spain. Once bottled, sherry does not benefit from further aging and thus can be consumed immediately. The Cava is a Spanish sparkling wine made in the traditional way the French sparkling wine champagne is made.

At Don Quijote, we import our own Spanish wines, never compromising on quality and always making sure they complement the food we offer.

Quixote Merlot
Tempranillo - Petit Verdot 2005
Designation of Origin: Vino de la Tierra de Castilla
Kind: Crianza Red Wine
Wine grape: Merlot 53% - Tempranillo 27% - Petit Verdot 20%
Alcoholic percentage: 14%

The wine has a powerful nose with aromatic woods, chocolates, laurel herbs, Indian ink, graphite and lacteals. In the mouth, it is tasty, full-bodied, greedy, with great balance and complexity. Long and full-bodied end.

Best paired with: Meat stews, lamb, baked veal, small wild game, old cheese



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